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As a professional trainer, mentor and coach, I’m dedicated to finding and reaching out the best possible outcome for the people I work with. I’m mostly working with managers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and companies who are dedicated to continues growth and development. During my sessions, I’m following the guidelines and professional standards of the International Coach Federation. I am an ICF Master Certified Coach and Registered ICF Mentor Coach.

Let's work together on your goals and develop a plan that leads you towards their realisation.
Improve your team performance through team coaching.
Mentorship program is developed for coaches interested in getting ICF accreditation.
Training in leadership development, coaching and mentoring, sales and communication, for your team or you as an individual.
The topics I cover-up, in public speaking, are leadership, change management and personal development topics.
Achieve your business goals! Take your business or career to the next level.

Leadership in time of panic – How to beat the unknown?

What if you fight against the invisible and very unpredictable enemy?

The biggest challenge with unexpected, extreme events is the time when we need to give up the idea that things will “go back to normal”, because they won’t. A “new different normal” will be created and it will require us to be different too.

People need personal transformation. Companies need it too.
This program will prepare leaders for this challenge. You will learn how to avoid making wrong leadership decisions under pressure and how to manage complex situations where the stakes are high.If you are the company leader, upper- and senior-level executives, it can be really tough, but don’t forget that every challenge is a new opportunity for incredible progress.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right strategy for a given context?
  • When to work with short term, even daily, goals and when to re-connect to your vision?
  • How to choose the right leadership style in the time of change?
  • How to motivate team members when there are only unknowables around you?
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From Scratch to Hatch – Build your entrepreneurial spirit, brand and business!

  • Are you an expert who wants to get a better position inside a company? 
  • Or you are a freelancer who is not sure how to position herself on the market? 
  • Maybe you are in a dilemma between developing your business or your personal brand? 

Your brand is the equivalent of your reputation, your image, and your business presence. By your performance, you influence the perception of others about you.

If you want to influence others they have to trust you, and if you want them to trust you, they have to get to know you.

In this workshop you will discover ways to improve your personal brand, boost visibility, create a more rewarding career and explore options on how to direct your business growth in desired direction.

If you are on the path of developing your career and building a brand and target group, this is the ideal workshop for you!

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a personal brand?
  • How to define your portfolio of services 
  • How to position yourself as an expert, coach, consultant or trainer?
  • How to approach your B2B clients?
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Take It Easy – 5 Ways to Kill Stress Before Stress Kills You!

Are you feeling tired? Stressed out? Overwhelmed?

In this fast changing world, we can easily be overwhelmed by obligations and daily tasks. We can easily become frustrated by our spouse who doesn’t understand us, a boss who insists on deadlines, or colleagues who don’t finish their projects on time.

Sometimes we are under stress for no particular reason. It seems like we are addicted to tensions. 

Self-control is a skill that allows us to direct emotions in a desirable direction. If we master necessary skills, we will be able to reduce the effect of negative stress (di-stress). Ideally we should make stress our best partner who will help us get, for example, better performance. 

In this training, you will learn 5 effective ways to help you deal with unwanted emotional reactions.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What is the connection between emotions and thoughts?
  • 5 effective ways to deal with unwanted emotional states
  • Identify ways to take emotional responsibility

How to depersonalize criticism?

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From Story to Glory – Because We Deserve a Better Story!

Stories are the way we share our experience, we show understanding, and connect with each other. 

By telling a compelling story, we take our listeners on a journey, engage their emotions, introduce them to our vision, and encourage action.

Stories have the power to make a difference.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to tell engaging stories that persuade, influence and inspire.

If you are a leader who wants to share a vision with colleagues or someone who wants to build a personal brand and share a message with your target group, or you are a professional salesman, this is the skill that will make a difference in your career!

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognise a good story?
  • How to tell a good story?
  • What is the structure of great stories?
  • How to apply a good story in different contexts?
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Coaching Skills for Leaders – Build Your People and Your People Will Build The Business

According to a recent survey in Chief Learning Officer Magazine, the top desired skill for managers is coaching. When executed properly, coaching provides greater intrinsic motivation – in other words, inspiring the self-directed willingness to try new things and make new discoveries. 

According to McKinsey, when team members find greater intrinsic motivation, they are 32% more committed to their work and 46% more satisfied with their jobs.This program is meant for leaders, managers and business owners. In this program you will learn how to make a collaborative and empowering approach, pointing team members towards their own resourcefulness and insight. Coaching is an essential skill that every leader should have in his or her portfolio of skills. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply coaching as a leadership approach? 
  • How to support your team members? 
  • How to encourage each individual to reach their potential?
  • How maximise your team member strengths?
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My Identity Journey

“My Identity Journey” will give you many insights about the process of continuous re-creation of yourself into something larger, better & different. Through the lenses of this model, self is viewed as dynamic, multidimensional structure of multiple identities.

These identities have different qualities and can be invoked individually or simultaneously in different situations, besides that we can experience and describe them through our senses. Once evoked, individuals’ actions are directed (on conscious or unconscious level) at having oth­ers verify an identity or identities. At the same time, these identities act as filters of selective perception and interpretation. Aim of this work is not to give the truth but a useful map for self-discovery and personal journey to find our own truth that will help us achieve specific and measurable results in the real world.
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Group Business Coaching

Are you ready to take responsibility and accept the challenge?Are you at a turning point in your career or do you want to further develop your business? Do you have a vision and know where you want to go but need support?

In the Group Business Coaching program, I will lead a group of 6 professionals for a year on the way from the setting to achieving the goal.
The program consists of an entrance interview and 12 online group coaching sessions. Sessions will be held once a month for 90 minutes.
A small group of professionals can make a much greater success than an individual. This is a training in which you will have an active role. This is a process in which I expect you to give your maximum so that in the end we all achieve the set goals.

What do you get by participating in this project?Mentoring and teamwork with a professional coach.

  • Defining and creating a precise plan for achieving your goal.
  • Monitoring of your action steps and important control points.
  • You will learn significant techniques and tools from world-renowned methodologies used by top professionals.
  • You will become aware of and remove beliefs that have sabotaged you.
  • Working in a closed group of 6 participants who have the same interests as you.
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My Market & My Brand

Welcome to the “My Brand & My Market” workshop for Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants. This two-day workshop is designed to help coaches establish a strong personal brand and develop strategies to grow their businesses. Throughout the workshop, we will cover the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a coach in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Choose Me as Your Trainer, Mentor or Coach

Individual coaching

In my career, I have delivered more than 3000 individual coaching sessions, mostly with my corporate clients. I perceive myself as high performing and challenging coach and if you are interested in shifting your project forward or achieving important life or business outcome individual coaching session might be creating great value for you. Together we can work on your goals and develop a plan that might lead you towards its realisation.

Team coaching

If you want to enhance your team performance, to align team members around common values or you want to develop team mission, team coaching might be the right approach for you and your team. Book a team coaching and improve your team performance and take concrete measures to achieve your team goals and KPIs.

Mentorship for coaches

The mentorship program is meant for coaches interested in getting ICF accreditation. I can support you in getting your ACC, PCC and MCC accreditation. In my career, I have mentored more than 100 coaches and more than 90% of my mentees got their ICF accreditation. A typical way of conducting these sessions is via Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.

Group Business Coaching

In the project in front of us, I will lead a group of 6 professionals for a year on the way from the setting to achieving the goal. My goal is to create an atmosphere and dynamics that will allow program participants to constantly progress and after a year achieve the desired result or to make a significant step towards it.


Besides coaching, training is my main area of expertise. In my career, I had more than 1000 training days. Some of these trainings were delivered for companies and others were open trainings. My areas of expertise are leadership development, coaching and mentoring, sales and communication. Methodologies in which I am certified or accredited are NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), PCM (Process Communication Model), Persona Global programs, programs of Erickson Coaching International and SHL.

Public speaking

Final thing that I love to do and I do it well is public speaking. I was a guest speaker at many companies's events and international conferences. I am interested and love to talk about leadership topics, change management and personal development topics. As my motto says "Dream Big & Act Smart", I love to initiate this way of thinking in audience I am talking to. I love to communicate my ideas and concepts in inspiring, understandable and approachable way.

Online courses

If you would like to learn from the comfort of your home I have developed online courses. Learn about the most effective coaching techniques and how to influence with NLP.

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My professional credentials

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