Do what you want. Achieve your goal! – Mindset of Sucess – Exclusive Program with Pedja Jovanovic

Achieve your business goals! What is important to you is already yours!

Group business coaching program for selected professionals

Start of the program: 28.9. 2020. from 17.00-19.00h

Are you ready to take responsibility and accept the challenge? Are you at a turning point in your career or do you want to further develop your business? Do you have a vision and know where you want to go but need support? Do you want to clearly set your goals, track progress, explore intrinsic motivation and correct action steps on the way to the goal?

In the project in front of us, I will lead a group of 6 professionals for a year on the way from the setting to achieving the goal. My goal is to create an atmosphere and dynamics that will allow program participants to constantly progress and after a year achieve the desired result or to make a significant step towards it.

The project consists of an entrance interview, 12 online group coaching sessions and a celebration of success. Sessions will be held once a month for 90 minutes. During these sessions you will set clear goals, explore intrinsic motivation, create and evaluate action steps to achieve the desired results. I will be available for a short telephone consultation between sessions. During your work, you can expect to encounter internal conflicts and obstacles that you will work on independently, with me and through interaction with colleagues who will work on similar goals.

Who is this coaching program for?

There are several conditions for participation in this program. I set the conditions so that the group would be homogeneous, which increases the probability that through the group dynamics, the participants of the program will gain value and accelerate their progress.

Ideal participant of this program:

  • is a person who is a team leader, entrepreneur or manager
  • has a goal or a minimum direction in which he wants to progress
  • is ready to commit to the project and actively work on action steps that will be defined during group sessions
  • already has experience in personal development programs
  • has experience in achieving big goals

The maximum number of participants in this program is 6.

What are the benefits of working with a professional coach?

The key advantage of group business coaching over individual coaching is the use of energy and group dynamics for small wins leading to big goals. Group coaching contains the best elements of individual and team coaching. If the group is well selected, group coaching may be the best way to achieve the desired results. This process will require your energy and time. Keep in mind that in such processes you are not only responsible for yourself but also for the energy of the team that will be formed during this process. I sincerely believe that one year from the beginning of this process, we will celebrate 7 great successes together.

What will you get on this program?

  • Mentoring and teamwork
  • Create and refine a plan to achieve your goal.
  • Mentorship of action steps and important control points.
  • You will improve your understanding of yourself
  • You will learn how to improve your own self-motivation
  • You will remove internal obstacles on the way to your goal
  • Working in a closed group of 6 participants who have similar experiences and interests as you

Topics we will deal with during the program:

Business success

Building a business

Career advancement

What do you get by participating in this project?

  • Mentoring and teamwork with a professional coach.
  • Defining and creating a precise plan for achieving your goal.
  • Monitoring of your action steps and important control points.
  • You will learn significant techniques and tools from world-renowned methodologies used by top professionals.
  • You will become aware of and remove beliefs that have sabotaged you.
  • Working in a closed group of 6 participants who have the same interests as you.

Conditions for participation in this program are:

You have experience in personal and professional development.

You are ready to set a big and challenging goal in front of you.

You are willing to speak openly about your strengths and weaknesses in front of others.

You are ready to contribute and celebrate the success of others.

You are a professional in your field and you want to make a significant step forward.

Why is this important?

A small and homogeneous group of professionals can make a much greater success than an individual. The success of this process depends on the commitment of all participants. This is not a training in which you can have a passive role, this is a process in which I expect you to give your maximum and that in the end we all achieve the set goals.

Take your business or career to the next level - work with a professional coach.

Working with a successful business coach is the first step towards advancing your business and career. Schedule an interview with a business results expert today to get started with your goals.

Investment: 1,200 eur
Program duration: one year
Start of the program: 28.9. 2020. from 17.00-19.00h