NLP Robot vs. Free Thinker

There is a big confusion about what ‪#‎nlp‬ really is and the most important thing in NLP training. NLP is well known for its techniques, and this is the main source of confusion. Although the NLP techniques are extremely useful, they are not even close to the most important part of NLP training.

There is no universal NLP technique and there is no technique for every life situation. So if there is no such technique can we apply NLP in any challenging situation?

Of course, we can, but the solution is not in NLP techniques but in the process of modeling. We need to look around and find someone who is able to cope successfully with the same or similar situations. We can model the strategies this person is using, and apply them in our own situation. This way, we can create our own solution for the situation we are dealing with.

NLP is a method that is focused on identifying, modeling and transferring successful strategies. NLP techniques that are known today were created through modeling of skills and strategies of successful psychotherapists of the 20th century. These techniques are not NLP – they are the result of applying NLP.

If we put our attention only on NLP techniques, we can easily become NLP robots. On the other hand, if we invest our attention and energy in the development of modeling skills, we will very quickly become the creators of our own techniques.