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Thank you for visiting my website and blog. Here I have come up with my thoughts and ideas that might help you shift your life and business forward.

I love personal and professional growth, development and achievements. Prior to becoming a consultant, I have been on different sales and managerial positions in international companies (Arrow Electronics, Omron Electronics) for more than 10 years. I started my entrepreneurship adventure in 2008 when I established consulting agency NLP Center (www.nlptrainingcenter.org). In 2011 I became co-founder of international consulting company Atria Group (www.atriagroup.org). I know that this is just a starting stage of my entrepreneurship. I want to build new successful businesses in the years to come.

High Performance Trainer & Coach
Besides managerial role that I have in Atria Group, I am an international trainer and coach. I am highly motivated to support individuals and companies who are focused on delivering value and making a difference for people and society. Working with many people and well-known companies around the world, I offer effective individual coaching and skills development programs to help people to develop their leadership capacities and get desired results.
I have a great opportunity to work with individuals and companies from many different countries and cities around the world (Prague, Belgrade, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Podgorica, New Delhi, Doha, Vienna, Lisbon, Krakow, Berlin…) In my professional career I have more than 1.000 training days and more than 2.000 coaching hours.
I live with my family in Prague and Belgrade and I work around the world.
My motto is dare to
Dream Big & Act Smart.
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Here I wrote my thoughts and ideas that might help you shift your life and business forward.

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